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Kompass pro is a salesforce automation, HR manager & location tracker solution bundled into one.It's a multitasker app, suitable for families, businesses, schools, travel & transport agencies, remote project handling companies, and medical service providers. It not only fetches the location of the user, but also reports attendance, distances, and other HR compliances as well.It is a perfect sales facilitator for marketing companies dependant on field executives. It not only enables sales force to report their attendance from client's premises , but also send business orders, expense sheet, daily activity report as attachements with each check- in or check out.

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To track remote location or outsttation projects based employees.

To start work force automation in traditional marketing companies.

To start online attendance and HR management in smalll or large companies, firms and organisations.

To keep track on family persons

To track self taxi or truck drivers or in a transport or travel business.

For Schools to start mobile attendance procees for teachers & staff.


App based cloud solution

Realtime information

tracking -cum- salesforce automation application

easy log in and start

3 options of tracking

set up group tracking in minutes

get business reports on a desktop.

most economical per user plans , worldwide

Get HR reports of every employee.

Get your sales force reporting automated.

get family members report their location on mobile.

longest trial period & economical per user offer.


Kompass can track persons in 3 ways.
1.persons on track can send check-ins to to update their locations to group or family admin , regularly.
2.All group admins can see locations of any person in the group, auto updated every 20 mins. on desktop panel.
3.there is a live tracking button , where you can track anybody in your group with just a click of a button or anybody outside or new, by sending him a track request.
1. Download kompass pro app from playstore & signup .
2. while signup skip refferal code if you dont have it.
3.Inside the app, get your referral code in the profile.
4. pass on this referral code to members in your group or family.
5. ask them to download kompass app .
6. while sign up ,ask them to use the referral code given by you to them.
7.after they signup, you can see their name in group/family list in app menu.
8. click on any name in your list to view its current location.
WAY1- Ask your group/family member to save & share check in from their location , and view these check ins in notification folder of your device.
WAY 2- Ask your group/family member to keep the internet and gps on -after downloading kompass app in the phone with a reff code they got it from you. open group/family list section in your app menu. click on the member name and select the option - location. start viewing his last updated location on your phone.
WAY3. - click the live tracking button in the app. select the member name from the group list and start live tracking him. If your target person is not in group list, then you have to send a request , and he has to accept it to let you view his location.
WAY4 - Log on to on any device, with your kompass signin details. select kompass from the dashboard . Select the user from the user list. select the option get location.
All printable reports of users in your group are available on our website - . log into the site with your kompass login credentials. select kompass in the dashboard . Click users to see all the users in your group. select any one user and options thereafter for his reports.
All kompass users enrolled for attendance needs to use check-in /check out button for recording their arrival/departure. This record can be presented as monthly attendance report.
Any place , that is regularly visited by you or your group can be landmarked for easy verification of that location in monthly reports. these locations are visible on the app screen . users can share location and postal address of these landmarks with anybody like customers, guests etc . This sharing can help them in navigation.
For comfort of the user and his admin, the user can regularly update his location voluntarily to his group admin by using these buttons. Once these buttons are clicked from any location, the location history is save in the server and displayed in monthly reports.
Kompass is the only app in the world , which has all the features of the HRM suit and yet useful for other categories . Kompass has full function HRM features for any enterprise.
As said earlier, we have developed kompass with some common features of location tracking, but also added business sales automation features like sending business attachements with each check-in/check-outs. Plus month end reports can be generated with all business requirements taken care of.
1. It requires app installation and signed in - in all the device to be tracked. 2. It requires a working 3G/4G internet connection with GPS.
As soon as you log in to your app, give all the permissions as required. Google will display the text address of your current location in the greybox. A blue dot displays your current location in the home screen map. You are ready to go.