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Kompass is the only tracking app in the world with multi features. It can track devices, or persons 24 hours. It enables instant reporting, manage appointments. It can start online attendance in offices and shops.It calculates distances , overtime for the payroll head.

Why kompass

To track employees

To track field persons

To, track & manage sales team

To start online attendance in office

To keep track on family persons

For schools to track students on school projects

For schools to track groups on excursion

For Schools to start mobile attendance procees for teachers & staff.


No hardware investment

Realtime information

feature rich

longest trial period on offer

easy log in and start

3 options of tracking

set up tracking of more than 1 person in minutes

receive business documents, live image or video feed from the site.

most economical per user plans , worldwide

get tracking reports in multi formats

get office attendance reports on desktop , mobile or tab

get automatic location of the user

Get distance travelled report

Get overtime done report


Kompass can track persons in 3 ways. , 1. persons on field can send check-ins to you,to update their locations. 2.As a group admin you can see locations of any person in your group, auto updated every 20 mins. 3.As a group admin you can livetrack any person of your group ,by clicking live track button in the app.

Yes, kompass pro is the only app in the world which gives 45 days free trial period.

First create an account at our website select kompass from the left menu. select free trial plan. you get a refferal code. Download kompass pro app from playstore and signup with this refferal code.

After creating your account, start adding persons or devices to your group. devices can be added to your group in 2 ways. either you start adding devices from your admin panel or pass on the refferal code to the person you want to track and ask him to signup with kompass pro with the same refferal code.If you add from your admin panel, then you need to have the device number and OTP received on that device.

All reporting buttons are given in the admin panel and you just need to click the exact button for the kind of report you are looking for.

we have provided a support button in the app. you or your team member can chat with us on that number.or call us .

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