Communication is just not all about tech.

It's also about people.

Meo introduces, mobile apps to manage business , groups & events.

MEOCOM be it a business, any group or an event, Management & promotion is essential to survive. Meocom is an ideal platform for online promotions & managment of any enterprise.It creates an impactful, display of information , with navigational ease, for the target viewer. It requires no domain name, hosting, and listing formalities .Meocom is a multiformat platform to reach a group of target audience through text SMS...

MYK GROUP MESSENGER be it a large housing society, a corporate ,a club, or any institutional group, inter personal communication is essential for efficient co-ordination among it's stakeholders. MYK is moduled to create an enhanced communication exprience within the group eco-system.

KOMPASS it helps in coordinating & management of business human resource. It 's a digital office attendane app with an added feature to track on-field staff. Its location saving feature enables user to save frequently used location like home, office , shop , godown to be saved and shared on a click.

We enhance people communication between....

Business 2 Business,

SME's, small businesses, service providers can create an online profile of their business in easy to setup and use format.

Business & customers

Any personal event like weddings & parties, or public event like expositions, exhibitions & competitive events.

Business management & staff

Kompass check-in's & check-out's are an ideal replacement of conventional practice of maintaining manual attendance . It's an aided application to track on-field business staff.

Business & Public

New communication channels like grouplist, marketplace make it an unique application.



A digital card maker.

Make your impression, create a digital business card of your firm, organisation, company, NGO.

Meo has saved my company a lot of money on printed business cards. In our company we no longer use paper card.



business app to track on-field staff and office attendance register.

It's an innovative application, to solve the daily phenomenon of sharing addresses.

It's completely free for use and can share, pre-feeded, home, office, school, or any other locations, as text with gps navigation links

Kompass check-in's , check-out's are the new age solution to fieldstaff managment & tracking .

kompass check-in's & check-out's are an ideal solution to replace old practice of maintaining attendance register in any business.

keeping a track on my large sales staff was a hercueleas task for my company.Kompass is the only app where i can keep track of all my field sales staff easily and also maintain an office attendence record.



The new age B2B /B2C business managment application

New & small businesses can instantly get an online presence with a website like look & feel , and an app like working.

Our b2b business management has improved a lot . Now our trade customers , no more complain about delayed communications. Any change in business gets informed to them in a click.



An advanced event coordination tool for weddings, parties and expo's

It's a multiformat online platform to manage events like weddings, anniversaries, conferences, exhibitions, expo’s & competitive events.

E-BOX was like a boon to me, when i came across it for my wedding invites . it not only send online invites for any event, it even co-ordinates with guests intellegently.

ANUBAVH Software developer


A group management messenger

It's a group messaging application, laced with smart solutions for advanced communication within large groups, such as a housing society, city clubs, community organisations, institutions and corporate teams.It supports the group as an online group administrator.

It sends group notifications ,as text SMS's, on mobile devices, ensuring 100% communication.

It has inbuilt features , of intra- group market place, group online magazine, group members directory.

Our housing society residents no more complain about missed notifications. They can now directly access any management member . communication between neighbours have improved.

BHUSHAN PRESIDENT (gulmohar greens)



Ideas are good , only if well executed. We bring some out of box approach to make our products, relevant for users.


Sign up , start by uploading images, videos & text files . Coding or designing skills are not mandatory.


SHOWCASE, MYK & KOMPASS are all laced with first time features and have tremendous utility value for users.


MEO does not require domain name registration, or hosting space to start a showcase.


MEO user do not require a login account to view content, send by other users


MEO user do not need to install an app to view content send by other users.

The Methdology

We enable users to sign up easily and let them choose among any of the listed products/activities. The drop & drag format in the backend enables user to upload content as text, sound, video or doc. file very convineantly. A free sms backend, makes it convineant to reach out non-app users as well.

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